Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's been a long time, but today is a new beginning...

Day 1 of Plexus Slim - 4/5/2014
Weight:  183.6
FBS:  197 :(
Chest :
Thigh (L):
Arms (L):
Today I begin my Plexus Slim journey.  I’m excited, yet very nervous.  How many times have I tried this type of thing only to fall flat on my face with products that promise the world, yet do nothing for me.  Plexus Slim recommends you acknowledge all your problems.  Mine are lengthy.  Besides my out-of-control blood sugar and taking insulin and Byetta (which really scares me all by itself), I have aches and pains everywhere, my back, my shoulders, my hands, my feet (all those pins and needles and burning and sharp-shooting pains from diabetic neuropathy), mood swings, depression, tired all the time (even when I get a good night’s sleep).  I am looking toward the future with a cautious hope that this will be the product that actually works.   What am I looking forward to?  Weight loss, blood sugar control, healthier, decrease or off meds, being able to move without hurting, just feeling better in general!  If this works, I will be looking to become an ambassador. 

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