Monday, January 19, 2009

Foods That Got Me Here

I thought it was interesting yesterday, someone posed the question on one of the boards I was reading asking whether or not people were avoiding foods that they felt got them to where they are, fast food, etc. Most people were saying that that was one of the reasons they like Weight Watchers, they could eat all their favorite foods, just a whole lot less. Then one person basically asked, why would you eat foods that got you to where you are?

I've been thinking about that. It's true, hamburgers, tacos, Chinese, Schlotzsky's, etc., did help put the weight on me; but I chose to eat them. I chose to eat them in large quantities. Now, I'm choosing not to eat them -- at least not in great quantites. If I went into this weight loss thing thinking I would never again be able to eat a Big Mac or Mexican or Chinese or whatever, I wouldn't be able to do it. I know there are going to be those days that I know I'm going to want a hamburger or a taco and if I think, no, you can't have that, then I'm going to feel deprived. I'll start feeling sorry for myself thinking I can't enjoy the foods I like even a little bit. Then I'll give up! I know me too well.

To me, this is a journey to a lifestyle change. It's me learning to eat things that are healthy, not full of sugar and fat. It's me learning that if I have a hamburger or taco, it's not going to destroy everything I'm working hard to do. It's also knowing that if I eat 10 hamburgers or tacos, that's not so good and can mess me up, but it won't destroy me as long as I get right back on program. It's me learning that there are going to be times that I'll turn to food for comfort, but it's what I do after I slip that's going to matter. Am I going to let it defeat me as I have so many times in the past? Am I going to beat myself up and make myself feel guilty because I ate something that's "forbidden"? Or am I just going to write it down and move on, realizing that no one's perfect and we all stumble once in a while on a long journey!

When I look at and listen to my WW leader (who lost over 50 lbs on the program and has kept it off something like ten years) and I see her allowing herself a treat of M&Ms every once in a while, I realize that you need to allow yourself the "flexibility" of having what you want once in a while. I just need to make sure to allow for it in my daily "points." If I eat a package of M&Ms, then I need to increase that amount of fruits and vegetables the rest of the day or work out a little more. It's all a balancing act. "Skinny" people have learned that, I'm sure.

A prime example of this is my DD. She's 16, wears a size 5 (which are getting big on her), and loves fiery hot Cheetos with limon. On top of the Cheetos, she loves to dip them in nacho cheese. She also loves bean and cheese nachos and Spicy Italian Subway sandwiches. She also loves fruits and salads. I notice, too, that when she eats these things, she eats them in moderation. She will eat less and more healthy things the rest of the day. Then she gets herself out to ride her bike or walk or whatever. I've watched her (especially when she started losing weight, went from a size 9 to a size 5 in less than a year) and how she tends to balance everything she does.

So, I'm going to learn to walk that beam every day! Hey, I've always loved gymnastics, anyway!!!


  1. oh, I could never give up tacos, and don't have to.

    I substitute the ground meat with Morning Star Farms Crumbles, a hamburger substitute. I use soy "fake" cheddar, low sodium taco seasoning, salsa instead of sauce, and romaine lettuce instead of iceburg... and no sour cream at all (although there are suitable faux alternatives) It's low cal, low fat, and if you use healthier alternatives in the shell, well balanced.

    I have twin daughters. They eat the same thing, get the same amount of exercise. They are not identical twins, they are fraternal, and one is as skinny as a rail, the other packed on a few too many pounds. Sometimes there's no accounting for metabolism. We do the best we can with what we are.

  2. Welcome to the world of weight-loss blogland, Teresa! You are off to a great start already!

    I saw on your website photos you have a son wearing a North Texas shirt - both of my sons attend UNT...small world!

  3. My older son was going to do music at UNT, but changed to electrical engineering. Younger son is a math major and is also doing Teach North Texas, so he should graduate with his secondary teaching certificate. They both love it up there!

  4. Hello! I just found your blog and I wanted to encourage you and let you know that I will be following along.

    Your post got me thinking about room for flexibility... I have been struggling myself with the pursuit of weight loss perfection (FAIL)... I have found that there are some foods that I genuinely ENJOY. Like cheese for instance. I also LOVE pizza. Before I changed my eating habits I ate TONS of cheese and pizza. The other side of that is I also used to eat TONS of fast food, ice cream, fancy sugary lattes and Chinese food. I used to like fast food, ice cream, fancy lattes and chinese food but I burnt myself out on them from bingeing on them constantly.

    The point is that I make room in my food plans to eat pizza (moderately on occasion) and include cheese. Because I really and truly enjoy those items. I still eat them because I enjoy them! I don't eat fast food, ice cream, Chinese, and fancy lattes because I don't enjoy them. I think that if you are going to allow something- it should be something you REALLY REALLY LOVE. Not just when it is convenient and maybe not your favorite. I wait in anticipation for pizza night and I am okay in the meantime passing up a hamburger or skipping Starbucks.

    That is what has worked for me. I did do a 30 commitment for abstinence from white flour and sugar. This was so I could kick the sugar addiction (can I say WORSTEVER?) and to change my preference from white to whole grains.

    All of what you are blogging about is great. You are really thinking about stuff and processing it!

  5. I don't avoid foods per se, but rather I don't want them anymore.

    I used to love McDonalds fries. Now I don't like the taste, so I am not even wanting to go there again.
    Tastes do change. The more healthy things you eat, the more healthy things you crave.

    The more you move, the more you want to move.

    Good luck with your journey!


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