Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, I went for that walk and walked for 35 minutes -- well, it was more the dogs pulling me down the street than a walk. :-D I have to admit, though, walking Ricky keeps you walking at an increased intensity. Poochie and I were about the same -- worn out -- about 3/4ths into the walk, but Ricky was in a hurry all the way home. He also wrapped himself around a pole once and got out of his collar, so I had to scold him a bit. We only ran into a couple of dogs that were out of their yards and not on leashes. One, the owner was right there and got ahold of him. The other, you could tell where he lived because he went right back to his back yard (under the orange construction fencing). The fence around the yard is still awaiting repair after Hurricane Ike. Of course, there's a lot of fences like that still in our neighborhood, so watching for dogs being on the loose is an every moment thing if you're walking, especially if you have dogs with you.

But I did it, I walked for 35 minutes at a high intensity (for me). I'm paying for it now because I already feel my muscles tightening up. Emotionally, though, I feel great! I'm beginning to wonder why I hate exercise so much. I do believe that's beginning to change!

Here's a picture of Ricky (white) and Poochie (brown). They're best friends -- and worst enemies. :-D

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  1. Ohhhh I hate every minute of exercise! I'd like to think I'm beginning to like it....nope....hate it more than anything!


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