Friday, January 2, 2009

I did it!

After arguing with myself for a while, I finally got off my duff and went and walked on the Tread Climber (uphill all the way) for 20 minutes. Some may not think that was very long, but, hey, I haven't exercised in a very, very long time. I just need to stick with it and make it a habit.

I also have to admit, after exercising, I feel better -- I know it's those wonderful endorphins!! I thought I was going to die for a few minutes afterwards; but, hey, it's the first step!


  1. Every time I see those Tread Climbers on TV, I think I'm not co-ordinated enough to use that thing! Good for you for doing 20 minutes! It's a great start! (And yes, endorphins are wonderful.)

  2. OMG I think 20 minutes on one of those would kill me! I had an elliptical machine once. I'd listen to ladies on the WW board say how they were doing an hour or more. Ten minutes would have me thinking I was going to fall off in cardiac arrest at any moment!!! I think 20 minutes is fantastic!!!!!


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