Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I know this has nothing to do with weight loss, but...

As I sit here contemplating the future, I can't help but get caught up in the political excitement of the future. I'll admit, I didn't vote for Barack Obama (although I did think about it), I can't help, as I listen to his speeches, but become hopeful that this one man might carry through on his promises. He speaks of we're all Americans and, although we're all different, we should work to get along; there may be great differences of opinions, but we should all respect those differences. It all sounds wonderful. I don't agree with several of President Obama's positions, but I hope he can get stuff done. Will what he says move Congress to do anything to work together? Passion fuels the ability to get things done. Can we be passionate about something, but still respect somebody who feels passionate about the opposite thing? We can only hope so.

I personally feel if the people see Congress, Republicans and Democrats and Independents, all working together to make things better for the country, actually compromising with each other instead of fighting each other over every little detail, not agreeing on one thing, then maybe the whole political discourse and hatred that is in the country today will decrease. Will there ever come a time where people of different political leanings can actually have a conversation about politics without being ugly and hateful to each other? Change must start within ourselves. We can't change others. There must be an air of compassion and compromise! I read somewhere the comment, it's better to always be kind than to always be right! Can the country ever think in those terms?

As I said before, sitting here watching all the pomp and circumstance of this day, I can't help but be hopeful with the "words" being said. Now, I only hope that those words turn into action. I truly believe if they do, our country will be in a much better place in four years. Whether the economy is better, the war is over, terrorists just around the corner wanting to destroy us, if we, as Americans, can all just learn to be kind to one another, whether we agree or not, and help one another, the country will only benefit and become that hopeful place we once were!


  1. I'm thrilled by the day, and the new hope!

  2. I too am full of hope for the future.


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