Friday, January 2, 2009

What do I want from weight loss?

Well, let's see. This question has so many answers, I could probably write a book. I want to make this list so I can go back and re-read it when I think I just can't do this weight loss thing any longer. I'm not saying that moment will come any time soon, but I know there will be days, maybe weeks, where the scale doesn't do what I want it to do no matter how hard I'm working. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows those times come, so here goes.

First and foremost, I want to be healthy!
I don't want to put off going to the doctor because I'm embarrassed about my weight. I want my blood sugar to be normal with no help from medication. I want my cholesterol to be normal without taking pills. The medication has gotten it where it needs to be, but I'm tired of taking pills. I want my blood pressure to be great without help.

I want to be more active!
I want to be able to walk my dogs without being exhausted. I want to be able to walk to the top of they high school stadium seats without feeling like I'm go to die and sit trying to catch my breath for 15 minutes after I get up there. I want to go on hikes in the mountains (first I have to get to the mountains since I live at sea level). I want to run in a fun run for some charity. I want to ride a bike. I want to go roller skating again. I want to take my daughter horseback riding. I want to walk along the beach feeling the sand between my toes. I want to job with my husband. I want to sky dive (although you would probably have to push me out of the plane.)

I want to wear nice clothes!
I want to wear designer clothes (well, not that I would, I just want to be able to.) I want to be able to walk into any store and just pick something I like off the rack. I don't want to just settle for clothes because they happen to fit. I want to wear jeans that actually zip and snap instead of having an elastic waist. I want to wear cute workout clothes (sports bra with spandex pants). I want to wear shorts. I want to wear tank tops and sundresses.

I want to do more things with my family!
I want to sit in the floor cross-legged to play games. I want to play basketball or tennis or whatever they want to do. I want to be able to run up and down the high school stadium stands taking photographs of my daughter with her friends in the band. She'll be a senior next year, so band is coming to a close so much sooner than I'm ready. I want to go on a cruise with my husband and not self-conscious about how I look. I want to travel.

Other things I don't know how to classify:
I want to ride amusement park rides, especially roller coasters. I want to go into a restaurant and be able to sit in a booth without being squished between the booth seat and the table. I want to cross my legs when I sit down. I want to wear boots. I want to be able to wear my wedding rings again. I want to be able to drive my car without my stomach touching the steering wheel with the seat being all the way back. I want to be able to sit in the back seat of a car without having to worry about whether the seatbelt is going to fit. I want to be able to fly without having to buy an extra ticket or worrying about not fitting in the seat. I want to be able to take a bubble bath, instead of a shower. I want to go spelunking and not worry about a tight fit.

As you see, this list could go on and on and on. I know I could probably do some of these things even with the weight, but I always feel so self-conscious about how I look. I wouldn't dream of wearing a swimsuit in public, but I love to swim. I know this is a lot me, but I've also heard what people say when "large" people wear swimsuits or shorts, etc. I guess I should just learn not to let what other people think bother me, but I don't see that happening any time soon. So, as I lose weight, I'll keep this list in mind to keep me on program!


  1. You can keep the sky diving and the designer clothes! I'd be happy if I could fit into my old jeans - some going back to the size 14s I used to wear. At one point I was a size 9; I don't get any smaller than that, because when I was a 9 I looked almost anorexic - I could count my ribs, and see my hipbones when I was standing up. BUT - my thighs didn't touch!

  2. I wouldn't pay the cost of designer clothes, but I would like to be able to fit in them if I wanted. :-D


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